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Capsa Carts


About Capsa Carts

The Avalo Series medical carts offer procedural and supply storage for a variety of uses in medical facilities, including emergency, med/surg, IV therapy, anesthesia and critical care. Capsa Healthcare's medical supply carts offer durable construction, spacious capacity, and reliable security. Avalo carts have easily configurable designs and a wealth of accessories to improve supply organisation and workflow.

Why Capsa Carts?

Capsa puts everything clinicians need at their fingertips with fully configurable medical carts designed to promote orderly storage and organisation where it matters most.

There is so much more to a superior crash cart/emergency cart than just its physical design. A crash cart’s blend of careful design, functionality, and logical organisation can have an effect – negative or positive – on patient safety and code response time.

User-friendly design is arguably the strongest consideration. Users need to quickly and easily identify critical medications and supplies. Placement of accessories and ample workspace had to provide an ergonomic workspace and improve workflow. Cart height, weight, and movement had to accommodate nurses.

  • Maneuverability – easy to move, smooth rolling lockable casters
  • Functionality – drawer design for workflow needs, orderly storage for supplies and medications
  • Durability – constructed to last
  • Stability – designed for stable maneuverability
  • Design – cart aesthetics and ergonomic, user friendly design and accessories
  • Security access – security for medications with quick access
  • User-friendly design – including drawer design, flexible organization and dividers, and drawer labeling

Capsa in the Hospital Environment

Capsa Healthcare provides an extensive portfolio of medical carts for use in hospitals and other care settings. Designed to be ergonomic, lightweight and customisable, our products help hospitals enhance patient care, safety, and caregiver workflow. From development to deployment to service and support, Capsa Healthcare provides innovative and reliable solutions that elevate the performance of healthcare delivery at the point-of-care.


Capsa in the Aged Care Environment

Aged Care Facilities and rely on Capsa Healthcare for efficient medication management and delivery solutions. For more than 50 years, Capsa has been the leading provider of organised storage, improved productivity for nurses, and inventive technology. We provide the right products to help you deliver the highest level of care in assisted living, skilled nursing, and long-term care settings.


Capsa's 5 Key Cart Features

1. Stability Control System