APT Free Seminar- Mastering Daily Life - The 24 hour concept

Royal Rehab (Clive Austin Conference Centre), 235 Morrison Rd, Ryde, NSW 2112

17 Feb 2016 9:30 AM

Children develop their own personality very early in life. They observe, feel, taste and smell the world from the time they get up until they go to bed – EVERYDAY!

Special children do this in special ways. They need mobility solutions tailored to their particular needs. Mobility which he or she has as much control as possible is crucial not only for your child’s physical development but also for comprehensive impressions of the environment and social interaction. As a therapist, carer, family member, friend…. We want to provide every child the opportunity to develop optimally and participate in life together.

This seminar will contain tips and pointers on how to support your child daily. We will take a hands-on approach in looking at the supportive functions of devices which make everyday life easier for every age, every stage of development and every occasion around the clock.

You will leave this day feeling confident in identifying the needs of children and their families, in all aspects of the 24 hour day. You will be able to clearly articulate your clinical reasoning in selecting features required in assistive devices for children.

Lunch is provided. Please email training@aidacare.com.au if you have any dietary requirements.

Presenter: Jacinta Maurin

Jacinta Maurin is a Physiotherapist with over 20 years’ experience in the area of postural assessment and complex seating. After many years in the clinical arena, Jacinta Maurin joined Ottobock as a Business Manager. Jacinta’s particular areas of expertise are complex positioning, modular and customised seating systems.