APT Free Seminar: Play Day - Power

Carina Leagues Club, 1390 Creek Road, Carina, QLD 4152

2 Jun 2016 9:00 AM

APT Free Seminar: Play Day - Power

We’ll learn, by experience, how driving a mid-wheel drive differs from a front wheel. Hands-on practice with programming will allow you to feel how changes alter how the chair drives. We’ll challenge the suspension technology on our test track and determine what suits your client best.

We’ll also experience driving head arrays and other alternate control options. Strategies for both programming and training a client to use these devices will be provided.

Presenter: Amy Bjornson, Clinical Education Manager
Sunrise Medical

Recently trained as a Physical Therapist in the United States, Amy has over 20 years’ experience working with the adult and paediatric neurologic populations, with specialties in the treatment of spinal cord injury, and evaluation and provision of assistive technology for clients with physical challenges. She was the director of the Seating and Mobility Clinic in Boston, MA USA and provided consultation services to the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

Based in Sydney, Amy currently develops and implements national and international training programs on using Assistive Technology to enhance inclusion, health and well-being in those with physical disabilities. She also serves a product improvement and development role for Sunrise Medical, Australia.

Amy focuses on providing sound solutions that create positive results, even in challenging environments. She consistently implements innovative ideas focused on improving the lives of people with disabilities.

Amy is a dynamic speaker who has lectured extensively on seating and mobility, wound management and the physical therapy treatment of spinal cord injured clients. She has also travelled to several developing countries, learning and sharing information with their medical communities.

Amy received her ATP certification in 1995, SMS certification in 2015 and is a friend of NRRTS and a member of RESNA. She is an active member of Wheelchairs for Humanity and Health Volunteers Overseas.

Lunch is provided. Please email training@aidacare.com.au if you have any dietary requirements.