APT Free Seminar - An Introduction to Power

Matthew Flinders Hotel (Victory Room), 667 Warrigal Road, Chadstone, VIC 3148

13 Jul 2016 9:00 AM

This workshop aims to provide an introductory overview of power wheelchairs, while still maintaining enough scope for experienced clinicians and those looking to refresh their skills.

  • The basics of add-on drives, and power wheelchairs, and when to recommend them?
  • Rear Wheel Drive, Mid-Wheel Drive and Front Wheel Drive - I hear these terms a lot, what’s the difference?
  • Power Functions - What are the most common and when to use them?
  • The basics of fitting and measuring a power wheelchair (hands on)
  • Other tips, tricks and accessories

This is an interactive, all questions, allowed workshop. By the end, you will feel confident to go out and prescribe power wheelchairs, seating functions and control systems. No one prescribes a highly complex product as their first chair, so your first power workshop shouldn’t be either. Once you’ve got a few basic power wheelchairs under your belt, keep an eye out for future workshops at an intermediate and advanced level.

Presenter: Samuel Baker, B.Eng
Rehabilitation Engineer, Ottobock

A recent addition to the Ottobock Mobility Solutions Team, specialising in Complex Power. He has worked in research and biorobotics before making the transition to the assistive technology industry. Working in both a hospital setting, as well as with the state funding bodies, before joining Ottobock this year, he brings a fresh face and enthusiasm to the assistive technology industry.

Lunch is provided. Please email training@aidacare.com.au if you have any dietary requirements.