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Aspire Lifecomfort Hybrid Mattress Systems
  • Self Adjusting Pressure Redistribution - In non-powered mode, nine interconnected foam filled cells allow air to move freely between them via the user’s body movements.
  • Active Support Surface Solution - By connecting the pump, the mattress converts to an active support surface.
  • Active Pressure Redistribution - In powered function, the Alternating and Static modes become available.
  • Memory Foam Top Layer - Integrated memory foam overlay improves immersion, envelopment and comfort.
  • Intelligent Hose Management - When not in use the air-hose can be stored internally, reducing infection control and OH&S issues.
  • Integrated Shear Reduction - The memory foam overlay moves independently of the underlying cells, reducing shear as the bed profiles.
  • Optimised Heel Protection - A 12° tapered heel zone redistributes pressure up the lower leg, away from the vulnerable heel region. The castellated surface collapses in a wave-like movement reducing shear.
  • Infection Control - Fully welded seams, with waterfall zip covers, protect against fluid ingress. Leading European fabric provides durability to handle infection control cleaning processes.
  • Skin Microclimate - The multi-stretch cover reduces shear and offers a high Moisture Vapour Transfer Rate (MVTR). This promotes air flow and optimal skin microclimate.
  • Sleep Quality - Innovative pump technology reduces noise and vibration. This promotes optimal sleep quality for the user.
  • CPR Compatible - In non-powered mode, the foam-core cells allow CPR to take place. When in powered mode, simply disconnect the pump to facilitate resuscitation.
  • Reduced Manual Handling Effort - By attaching the pump, support surface performance can be stepped up or down to meet user needs. This reduces the need to transfer users and manually swap mattresses. Mattress handles assist maneuvering or mattress movement if deemed necessary.

Warranty Information

  • Foam: 5 Years
  • Pump and Cover: 2 Years

Item Code: 05_043306002_0103_1_2
Power Bed – Composite: 05_423_0103_1_2
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