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Insurance and Care NSW (iCare)


Insurance and Care NSW (icare)

Insurance and Care NSW (icare) provides support to people injured at work or during sporting activities, that require short-term or life-long assistance.

Aidacare are contracted to icare for the supply of a broad range of Rehabilitation, Mobility and Complex Assistive Technology Equipment. Aidacare have been a reliable and trusted partner for similar contracts for more than 20 years, providing National and state-wide coverage for the supply of equipment and services. Click here for more information regarding our product range, purchase and rental options

Aidacare provide the following supports to participants

Complex Rehabilitation Specialists – Our experts in Complex Equipment can work with you and your therapist to help select the most suitable equipment for your individual needs.

Customer Service 1300 133 120 - Providing you with immediate advice or referring you to one of our Equipment Specialists. Click here to read more about our Complex Rehab team and services 

Rental – A comprehensive range of rental equipment is available for short-term rehabilitation needs.

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  • What is icare ?

    A. Insurance & Care NSW (icare) is a new organisation created to deliver the State's insurance and care schemes. It will be a centre of excellence for long-term care needs for people with the most severe injuries (road or workplaces), helping people return to work, and improving quality of life outcomes.

  • Am I eligible?

    A. If the incident occurs in NSW, you will be covered under one of the six schemes supported by icare. Three of these schemes compensate for health care support & services – The Lifetime Care, Workers Care & Dust Diseases Care schemes.

  • How to place an order for equipment?

    A. A health care professional or a team of health professionals are required with recognised qualifications to prescribe equipment. The health care professional will be required to make an application via EasyOrder, Fast Track or complete an Equipment Request Form online and sending this direct to Aidacare, by email; icare@aidacare.com.au, by fax; 02 9618 5111, or by post; Aidacare, Building 3A, 1 Moorebank Ave, Moorebank NSW 2170. Alternatively, orders can be placed over the phone with one of our Customer Service team members by calling 1300 133 120. Any equipment order over $1000 needs to be quoted and approved by icare.

  • Does Aidacare Deliver?

    A. Yes.

  • Does Aidacare offer a Repairs & Maintenance Service?

    A. Yes.

  • What is EasyOrder and how to order low cost item?

    A. EasyOrder is a way to order equipment without submitting an equipment request. It fast tracks the order and supply of equipment considered low-cost and low-risk. It can be used for participants in the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme and workers in the Workers Care Program.

  • What is Fast Track?

    A. For simple equipment requests for Group 1 items, where there is a quote, like-for-Like replacements or repairs. Fast Track requests can be submitted by a phone call or by email. This is not applicable for customised/scripted equipment.

  • How to order customised/scripted equipment?

    A. Any customised or scripted equipment over $1000 requires a quote and approval from icare before the order can be placed with the equipment supplier.

  • How long will I be in the Scheme?

    A. If you’ve met icare’s eligibility criteria, you have been accepted as an ‘interim participant’. This means icare pay for your treatment, rehabilitation and care services for 2 years. Towards the end of the 2 years, you can apply to become a ‘lifetime participant’. If you become a lifetime participant, this means icare pay for these services for the rest of your life.