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About Aidacare



Aidacare is one of Australia's largest Healthcare Equipment and Service providers.

Since 1987, for over 25 years, our business has been assisting Australians in the Hospital; Residential Aged-Care; Home & Community Care; and Rehabilitation sectors.

Aida is the Latin word for “helper” from which the English word “Aid” is derived. AIDA is also a sales acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire & Action describing a simple four-step process for serving our customers.

Our focus on product quality and ongoing services & support has made Aidacare & Aspire trusted brands throughout Australia. That's why you'll find us on most Government Healthcare Equipment Contracts and in Supply Agreements with many Private Sector Healthcare organisations.

"Aidacare’s vision is to be Australia’s leading Healthcare Distributor in our chosen areas of focus providing unparalleled customer service and product excellence as a path to optimal healthcare equipment solutions for our customers


Our Strengths

  • Integrity: Aidacare staff are trained and skilled to respond sensitively and helpfully to our clients’ needs in the home and assisted-living environments. We have the professionalism to build strong and lasting relationships at a Corporate, Facility, and Supply-Chain level with owners and staff of Australia’s Hospital and Residential Aged Care operators. We conduct ourselves with integrity to build long-term trusting and supportive partnerships. 
  • Total Quality – Our Quality Systems (ISO 9001) are supported by a rigorous Aidacare Internal Audit Program and our internal training program for our staff at the "Aidacare University" ensures we provide the highest service consistent equipment expertise.tab
  • Service & Support – We support what we sell. We don’t walk away when there is a problem. Our national Technical Service and Maintenance teams provide maintenance and asset management systems for Government; Aged Care Facilities, Community Care providers; and Hospitals.
  • National Distribution with Local Service – With 45 Aidacare locations and over 100 Distribution Partner locations, Aidacare has the network to support our customers wherever they are. View our Aidacare and Network Partners locations

Associations & Affiliations

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Our Offering

Aidacare is a provider of the following:

  • Equipment to Aged Care Facilities for Fitouts and ongoing equipment needs
  • Equipment for Home Care 'living at home' needs for senior citizens
  • Equipment to Hospitals for Ward based use and Sluice room applications
  • Post-operative discharge Rehab Equipment needs
  • Rental equipment for temporary needs
  • Equipment for Complex Rehab management needs after brain, spinal or other severe injury
  • Complex Rehab equipment, Paediatric and Cerebral Palsy needs
  • Equipment supply to community organisations supporting Disability or Ageing needs
  • Equipment for Veterans and State organisations providing Ageing and Disability needs
  • Preventative maintenance service contracts to Aged Care Facilities and Hospitals
  • General Equipment service and repair
  • Consumable and Continence supplies

Our Quality Commitment

Aidacare’s quality objectives:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Meet or exceed customer expectations
  • Safe performance in all activities
  • Value the welfare of all stakeholders

We believe in these objectives and are committed to deliver outstanding service to our customers whilst providing an enjoyable work environment for our staff.

Aidacare's commitment to being a trusted & credible advisor to our customers means that our staff require deep understanding of both our products and business systems. Monthly training and education is a requirement for all staff and a vital part of building and maintaining this competency.