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Feature Videos

  • Aspire Star Mover

  • Aspire Cove Chair

  • iGo Carbon Fibre Folding Power Wheelchair

    The iGO Carbon Fibre has a compact and lightweight design and can fold in just a few easy steps for effortless transport, making travelling a breeze.

  • Aspire Boot Scooter Supalite

    The Ultimate Portable Travel Scooter! Every day is a new adventure with the Boot Scooter Supalite, an exceptionally stable and manoeuvrable 4-wheel travel scooter.

  • Bathroom & Bedroom


    • Verto Height Adjustable Commode


    • Aspire ComfiMotion Adjustable Bed Collection

      Our ComfiMotion Collection is designed to blend seamlessly into the home environment, whilst improving comfort and independence.

    • ComfiMotion Split King Instructions

    • Aidacare - The Contego Floorline Bed

      Aidacare new promotional video showcasing The Contego floorline bed.


    • Setting Up Your Active Air 8 Mattress

  • Chairs, Cushion & Daily Living


    • Aspire Cove Chair

    • Aspire Cove Chair Highlight

    • Lift Chair

    • Revolution Chair

    • Seating Matters - Clinical Seating Education Day - Sydney 2017

      During October 2017, Aidacare and Seating Matters have collaborated to bring clinical expert Martina Tierney to Australia to present 3x seminars on clinical seating in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

    • Atlanta Chair by Seating Matters

      Atlanta™ chair For Patients With Huntingtons disease Dementia Aids Safety Reduces Injury Risk

    • Phoenix Chair By Seating Matters

      The Seating Matters Phoenix by Martina Tierney OT Author of The Clinicians Seating Handbook

    • How to Take Accurate Measurements Seating Matters

    • Aspire Adjustable Day Chair

      Our high back orthopaedic chair that offers adjustability, comfort and support. The chair is depth, width and height adjustable with a high SWL of 160kg.

    Daily Living

    • Aidacare - One Touch Automatic

      TVC Clips covering the One Touch product range

  • Manual Handling

    Lifters & Slings

    • Pivot Frame

    • Aspire Lifter & Sling Video

    • Aspire Sling Video

    • Aspire Hammock Sling

      The full body Aspire Hammock Sling provides complete comfort and support for high needs users. It also offers parasilk leg straps to assist with correct positioning

    • Kera Sit2Sit - Our therapists get hands on with the Kera sit2sit Hoist

      The NEW category of transfer hoists.

    • Short demo of the Kera Sit2Sit hygiene hoist

      Short demo of the Kera Sit2Sit hygiene hoist: An innovative alternative to a mobile hoist.

    • Kera Sit2Sit - Nicole and Leigh Interview

      Nicole and Leigh discuss their experience with the Kera Sit2Sit stander and how it has helped them with their daily lives.


    • Aspire Star Mover

    • The Lifecomfort Evacuation Sheet

      Evacuation Sheets are designed to facilitate emergency escape of the non-ambulant person in the event of a fire. This video looks at setting up the evacuation sheet, using it on a level surface and using it on stairs

    Ceiling Hoist

    • The P200 Ceiling Hoist

      In this video, you will get to know the features and benefits of the P200 portable ceiling hoist and see it in action during a lie to sit transfer

    Manual Handling Training Videos

    • Using Slide Sheets

    • Choosing & Fitting the Right Sling

      Choosing & Fitting the Right Sling

    • Aidacare Back Safety Video

      In this video, we will consider day-to-day activities in the aged and health care setting and look at how we can carry them out, while protecting our back

    • Safe Resident Handling - The 3C’s

      The 3C's should be done before moving and handling a person, to ensure safety for all involved in the task – communicate with the resident and fellow caregivers; check the equipment and environment; commence the task.

    • Aidacare Training Video - Manual Handling - Lie To Sit

    • Aidacare Training Video - Manual Handling - Floor Lift

    • Aidacare Training Video - Manual Handling - Sit To Sit

    • Aidacare Training Video - Manual Handling - Sit To Stand

  • Mobility

    Complex Rehab

    • ROHO Setup

      In this video we will introduce you to ROHO and show you how to correctly and easily set up your cushion for the individual user

    • ROHO Dry Floatation

      ROHO has dedicated its efforts to the research, engineering, and manufacturing of air-cell based cushions with a patented design called DRY FLOATATION® technology.

    • ROHO

      With the ability to customize the fit with the push of a button, the revolutionary ISOFLO® Memory Control offers shape-fitting capabilities while you’re seated.

    • MyPermobil Voice Assistant & Fleet Management

    • Permobil F Series

    • Innovating for Individuals

    • M3 Corpus Permobil

      The precision engineering of the M3 Corpus helps ensure improved drive performance and a more consistent driving experience for all users.

    • An insight into one of our APT sessions

      Participants benefit from industry authorities speaking on the most topical issues facing prescribing therapists. All sessions are FREE to attend, earn CPD hours and enjoy lunch on us!

    • Introducing iLevel® Power Chairs from Quantum Rehab®

      A look at the iLevel Power Chair from Quantum Rehab

    • Blandine Testimonial M3 Corpus

      Listen as Blandine explains why she can't wait to order her new M3 Corpus.


    • Aspire Socialite Wheelchair

    • iGo Carbon Fibre Folding Power Wheelchair

      The iGO Carbon Fibre has a compact and lightweight design and can fold in just a few easy steps for effortless transport, making travelling a breeze.

    • Whill F Power Wheelchair

    • Whill F Power Wheelchair - Unboxing and Setup

    • Whill C2 Power Wheelchair

    • Whill C2 Power Wheelchair: Explore with Confidence

    • Whill C2 Power Wheelchair: Live Your Live

    • Permobil SmartDrive

      SmartDrive power assist is proven to reduce pushing by 80% which allows manual wheelchair users to do more with their mobility.

    • Choosing The Right Wheelchair For You

      Choosing a wheelchair can be a daunting task. In this video, we will talk you through five considerations to help you make the right choice for your needs

    • Aspire Evoke 2 Manual Wheelchair

      The Aspire EVOKE 2 is a highly adjustable, lightweight, aluminium wheelchair designed to enable a personalised fit for every user. A comprehensive range of compatible accessories is available for increased independence and enhanced clinical outcomes.

    • Aspire Rehab RX & RS Tilt In Space Wheelchairs

      The REHAB RX is geared towards the high needs, rehabilitation environment. The REHAB RS is an ideal solution for the user who requires increased postural support and bodyweight redistribution.

    • Pride iGO Folding Power Wheelchair

      The new i-Go™ exclusive to Aidacare features advanced folding technology, enabling it to be quickly transported with ease

    • Pride Go Chair NG

      The all-new Go-Chair is re-engineered from the ground up, offering a bold new style available in a choice of contemporary colors

    • Pride Jazzy Select HD

      The Jazzy Select Elite HD is an excellent heavy duty option, with a 204kg weight capacity and is two-motor front wheel drive.

    • WheelAir Cooling Backrest

      The WheelAir system disperses air evenly across your back to lower your core temperature, keeping the skin dry and clean. This helps to avoid symptoms caused by overheating and over sweating, allowing you to stay comfortable and in control.

    • WheelAir Overheating & Over Sweating Solution

      WheelAir Managing Director Corien Staels explains the differences between overheating and over-sweating and outlines the health risk associated with them.

    • Rosie's WheelAir Story

      Rosie is a 16-year-old from England. Her mother shared Rosie's story, from struggling with temperature regulation and skin care management due to overheating and sweat build-up, to being able to take trips to the seaside and manage her temperature with the help of a WheelAir integration in her custom seating.

    • WheelAir Thermal Imaging Test

      A live comparison of how WheelAir reduces the heat generated from wheelchair users. WheelAir is the first temperature and moisture control system designed to fit any wheelchair. It disperses air evenly across the seat surface to lower temperature, remove moisture build-up and keep skin dry and clean.

    Mobility Scooters

    • Aspire Boot Scooter Supalite

      The Ultimate Portable Travel Scooter! Every day is a new adventure with the Boot Scooter Supalite, an exceptionally stable and manoeuvrable 4-wheel travel scooter.

    • Getting to Know your Power Mobility Device

    • Pride GoGo Boot Scooter

      Exclusive to Aidacare, the Boot Scooter is loaded with design features like one-hand feather-touch disassembly and a convenient drop-in battery box that makes transport and travel worry free

    • Pride Quest Mobility Scooter

      The Ultimate folding mobility scooter is ideal for the travelling user

    • Pride Sportsrider

      Prides sporty, sleek, three wheel outdoor scooter

    Walkers & Frames

    • Aspire Walkers

      The Aspire Mobility Seat Walker or Mobility Rollator is designed for users who are still reasonably steady on their feet but require modest mobility and balance support to give them independent confidence

    • Aspire Meal Tray Walker

      The Aspire Meal Tray Walker is a sturdy and robust walking aid for use within the home, providing a means of transporting meals or other items from one room to another.

    • Vogue Indoor Walker

      The stylish European designed Aspire Vogue Walkers are a lightweight, versatile range with a sturdy frame and easy to fold locking system, suitable for compact transportation when folded

    • Aspire Vogue Walker Range

      The European-designed, sleek Vogue walker range couples style with mobility.

  • Ward & Pan Room

    Utility Pan Room

    • Greiner Infusion & Transfusion Chair Multiline - NEXT IT

    • Greiner Dialysis Chair Multiline - NEXT DC

    • Greiner Bariatric Chair Multiline - XXL

    • Greiner Ambulant Care Chair Multiline - NEXT AC

    • Greiner Medical Side Tables - BT & BT PLUS

    • DDC Promotional Video

      Cross-infection control in Facility and Hospital environments is of paramount importance. The DDC range of Panamatic Washer Sanitisers provide options to optimise cross-infection control in sluice rooms. In this video, we will introduce you to the range and show you how easy these Washer Sanitisers are to use.


      Demonstrating some of the wonderful features of the Pulpmatic Ultima

    • DDC Dolphin Macerator Video

      A walk through of the maceration process

    • Infection Control

      Infection Control through DDC

  • Other

    • Lithium Ion Battery Maintenance Video

    • Invisa-Beam Monitor Video

    • Invisa-Beam Invisialert Pager

    • Invisa-Beam Remote Alarm Video

    • Falls Prevention

    • TEQ-Secure Safety Pendant

    • TEQ-Home Alarm

    • Eco Dry Clothesline

    • eRAP – Electronic RAP Form Portal for Prescribers

      Find out how the most advanced and intuitive ordering system available can save you time. Aidacare’s DVA Prescriber Portal known as ‘eRAP’ is designed with you in mind.

    • eMASS video

    • 4 Healthcare Chapel Trolley Video

      4 Healthcare mortuary product range.

    • 4 Healthcare Mortuary Video 2017

      4 Healthcare mortuary product range.