James's Story

19 Jun 2020

Empowered Breaking Down the Barriers

In the prime of his youth, while travelling in Africa in 2008, James Gribble, broke his neck after falling off a stool, resulting in quadriplegia. He describes it as a “catastrophic life change leading to focus on what’s really important in life”.

James graduated from the University of Sydney with an Economics degree and worked in London for ten years prior to the accident, he is passionate about travel, golf and is absolutely incredible with people. He is adored by all who are lucky enough to meet him. James is a powerhouse of inspiration, not only in his desire to help those with disabilities get active, but also is backed with a strong corporate background and an unmatched ability to find the positives in every challenge.


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Through his own inspiring personal journey fighting to get back to his passions, he founded Empower Golf. It is a tribute to James that through Empower Golf, over “10,000 people have attended their golf clinics”, which are all about creating “inclusive recreational facilities and improving the lives of Australians” living with a disability.

Whilst James has faced many challenges on a daily basis, he has made significant recovery, he is “now one of the only quadriplegic golfers in the world” and continues to aim high, leaving a positive mark on our world.  James has received a grant for AMP Tomorrow Makers in 2019, awarded to “amazing Australians doing great things” for his work with Empowered golf and you can be assured there are more great things in store for the future. James uses the unbelievable ParaGolfer not just playing golf but in a variety of stand-up recreational sports.

We are constantly inspired by his achievements and abilities, James is living proof that anything is possible.


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