Q6 Edge with iLevel

28 Feb 2017

Power wheelchairs provide 360 degrees of movement in a 2-dimensional plane, but we live in a 3-dimensional world.

Clinically speaking, power adjustable seat height technology is not only enabling, it is medically necessary for individuals with disabilities and complex medical needs who use power wheelchairs. The iLevel power seat elevation system from Quantum Rehab addresses this medical need by facilitating transfers, enabling reach, promoting eye to eye contact in conversation and ensuring safe navigation at walking speed.

Transferring from low seat height to standing position requires tremendous assistance for someone who has been diagnosed with Limp-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. But with the seat elevated 10 degrees, it is easier to stand to use the toilet or transfer to a bed independently. A power adjustable seat height allows users who have sustained incomplete spinal cord injuries to raise or lower the seat and perform sliding board transfers in a downhill manner by using gravity to reduce resistance and decrease upper extremity strain.

Providing a higher vantage point in the wheelchair also promotes a greater awareness of their surroundings for the wheelchair users as well as more visible to those around them. With the iLevel power seat elevation system, the user is able to elevate and drive their chair on level surfaces at walking speed of 5.6 km/h. Vitally important is the ability to elevate the seat when moving through crowds or crossing the street to eliminate potentially dangerous situations.

There’s a misperception that this enabling technology is a luxury item when in fact it is medically necessary for individuals that cannot stand or participate in activities on a daily basis.

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Q6 Edge 2.0 / iLevel