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Ceiling Hoist Considerations

Ceiling hoists help to improve mobility, comfort and stability when carrying out transfers and other tasks associated with patient care. Aidacare is an experienced supplier and installer of ceiling hoist systems. We understand the risks involved in the installation and use of ceiling hoists and can help during early-stage specification and design to reduce risk and improve user-acceptance.

Ceiling hoists are secured to the ceiling of a room and work as a lifting system. They are typically installed using a gantry, which allows the hoist to move around the room on tracks and help patients get from one point to another. This method of transfer is gentle on both the patient and their carer. Portable ceiling hoists can also be detached and moved from one gantry track system to another, allowing for more flexibility with transfers.

At Aidacare, we distribute and install high-quality ceiling hoists from brands including Liko and Prism Medical. Our systems are world-class and are accompanied by accredited installation guidelines which allow us to work with a range of installers. We are an ISO 9001 accredited company and consistently provide high-quality outcomes for Australia’s largest Aged Care and Hospital providers. A wide range of motor & track options are available to suit client specifications. Some common examples are provided below.


No two installations are alike.
From design to final inspection, we have extensive experience dealing with many different installation substrates and scenarios. This leads to a consistent high-quality outcome for our clients and their varying patient needs.


We understand the complexities involved with the installation and use of ceiling hoists and can assist during early-stage specification and design to reduce risk and improve user- acceptance. We work with builders directly during construction to effortlessly install ceiling tracks into rooms/spaces as per client specification.


We offer training in risk assessment and transfer techniques specifically adapted for staff in Hospitals and Aged Care environments. Our Qualified Trainers work with Facility Operators and Staff on correct and safe usage of ceiling systems and available aids.

After Sales Support & Service

Once our ceiling systems have been commissioned, we work with Facility Operators to provide ongoing service and preventative maintenance to ensure safe working standards are met and appropriate asset lifecycles are maintained.
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A. Structural Attachment Point

B. Threaded Rod

C. Ceiling Bracket

D. Ceiling Track

E. Traverse Boom (Track)

F. Charging Station

G. X-Y Gantry

H. Ceiling Lift Unit

I. Carry Bar

J. Lift Strap

K. Sling

L. Gait Assembly

M. Linear Track

N. Modified Door Header

Consulting Solutions

Aidacare has extensive experience with installation and user-acceptance of ceiling systems. Simple things can be identified during planning to reduce risk in the installation and improve user and patient outcomes. We can assist in developing the best solution. Some examples of installations are provided below.


No two installations are alike. Aidacare has extensive experience dealing with many different installation substrates and scenarios. Aidacare utilises manufacturer-certified installation guidelines. This leads to a consistent high-quality outcome for our clients.

Maintenance Safety

Aidacare fully-supports its installations with ongoing maintenance programs. Aidacare also assists our clients to develop their own internal maintenance regime.

Training & User Acceptance

Aidacare Equipment Specialists offer user training and ongoing support. We also provide WHS signage with all equipment.

Quality & Compliance

All systems are tested and installed in compliance with Australian Standard AS/NZ ISO 10535-2011 Hoists for the transfer of disabled persons. All systems are maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines and in accordance with AS/NZ 3551-2012 Management Programs for Medical Equipment. Aidacare is an ISO9001 compliant company. Aidacare uses an accredited network of trained installers, engineers, and load testers.

Aidacare Ceiling Hoists

Liko Product Spotlight

Likorall 242 ES Ceiling Hoist

Designed to meet demanding lifting requirements, this system is an ideal choice for those who want to move the lift motor along a track electronically with a transfer motor, or to control the system with a wireless hand control option. The patented safety drum with speed limiter facilitates electrical emergency lowering. Can be equipped with a special carriage for planned transfers between different rooms and quick sling bar change thanks to Q-link and Quick-release hook.

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Ceiling Hoist - Liko - Likorall 242 ES

Prism Medical Product Spotlight

Motor - Transactive Xtra Fixed Ceiling Hoist

The slimline, low-profile ceiling hoist is unobtrusive yet boasts great lifting capacity and provides greater lifting height. With soft start/stop operations for smooth patient transfers, a host of safety features, a smooth running tape with a large lifting range, and a state-of-the-art display with a lift counter, this hoist ensures both efficiency and safety.

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Ceiling Hoist - Motor - Transactive Xtra Fixed