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Aidacare is a national distributor for Medifab products. Medifab specialise in Complex Rehab Technology (CRT). They are a team of specialists dedicated to helping children and adults who have significant disabilities and medical conditions. CRT products enable these individuals to deal with their daily physical, functional and cognitive challenges and play a critical role in addressing the complex medical needs of these children and adults and in keeping them active and functional within their homes and communities.

Medifab make a positive difference to lives of persons with a disability, therapists and carers globally by providing leading edge postural support solutions for a wide range of special needs.

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Medifab Paediatric Seating, Standing and Walking Aids

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Simple, yet highly adjustable standing system
Specifically designed for younger children, the Monkey by Jenx is a gentle introduction to standing. Offering smooth and easy angle adjustment, even with the child in the product, the Monkey can go from upright at 90 degrees all the way down to 20 degrees prone. This wide angle range is the perfect way to gradually build tolerance to standing as part of a therapy programme. In addition the outstanding thoracic and pelvic support along with flexible leg positioning make the Monkey a great option for almost every child.

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Jenx Monkey Standing Frame

Our People

Steve Barrett
Steve Barrett Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Seating Sydney & Western Regional NSW

Steve is the manager of our NSW Complex Rehab team bringing over 28 years experience and pragmatism to each case.

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Ben Szudrich
Ben Szudrich Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Seating Sydney & North Coast NSW

With over 18 years of clinical experience Ben's mission is to improve the lives of his clients and their carers.

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Ian Sobey
Ian Sobey Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Seating NSW Mid-North Coast

Ian has 18 years’ experience in the rehabilitation equipment industry.

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Andy Harborne
Andy Harborne Complex Seating Solutions Melbourne Metro & South

Andy has worked in the UK as a Rehab Engineer. His career spans over 34 years in the Rehabilitation Industry.

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Linh Yeomans
Linh Yeomans Power and Manual Wheelchairs, Seating & Paediatrics Adelaide Metro & Regional SA

Linh is the Manager of the Complex Rehab team in SA and is also a qualified physiotherapist.

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Clive Poulton
Clive Poulton Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Seating Tasmania Nth & Sth

Clive, Tasmanian State Manager brings over 25 years of experience to his Complex Rehab role.

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Chris Lees
Chris Lees Complex Seating & Manual Mobility SE QLD, Sunshine Coast and Nth NSW

Chris is Aidacare’s Queensland Complex Rehab manager. Originally from the UK, Chris offers his clients over 13 years of experience with Assistive Technology.

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Ando Kerlen
Ando Kerlen Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Seating Townsville and surrounding districts

Physiotherapist with 6 years experience in rehab and hospital settings, and physician assistant with 5+ years experience in orthopaedics, general practice and emergency medicine. Only recently started working in complex rehab equipment but am looking forward to learning about this vast and interesting field.

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Kevin Ross
Kevin Ross Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Seating SE QLD, Sunshine Coast and Nth NSW

Kevin brings over 18 years of experience in the Assistive Technology industry to his therapist networks, clients and their families.

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Neill Brown
Neill Brown Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Seating Geelong & District

Neill has over 19 years’ experience in the rehabilitation equipment industry.

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Rebecca Culleton
Rebecca Culleton Power and Manual Wheelchairs interest in Paeds Greater Brisbane Region

Occupational Therapist with 8+ years experience working across a broad range of clincal areas including within the hospital environment, private and community based practice, aged care and schools.

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Lorien Maloney
Lorien Maloney Powered and manual wheelchairs, seating and paediatrics Adelaide Metro and Regional SA area

Lorien has over 12 years of experience working as an Occupational Therapist, a truely passionate equipment specialist within our complex rehab team.

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Scott Mason
Scott Mason Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Seating Tamworth and New England Area / North West NSW

Over 12 years experience in the AT industry and a passion to help my clients achieve their goals.

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Emily Caruana
Emily Caruana Paediatric Equipment Specialist Geelong - Western Regional Victoria

Emily provides a wealth of experience accrued over the last 10 years in the Paediatric AT industry. Emily's passion for the field shines through with her holistic approach to AT solutions.

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Michael Andrews
Michael Andrews Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Paediatrics Albury-Wodonga, Nth East VIC & Sthn NSW

Michael's career spans over 20 years in the Rehabilitation industry. Michael has broad knowledge around both adult & paediatric equipment ranges.

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Matthew Coldwell
Matthew Coldwell Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Seating Tasmania South

Matthew has 16 years’ experience in his Complex Rehab role.

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Sue Mills
Sue Mills Power and Manual Wheelchairs, Seating & Paediatrics Wide Bay, Gympie & Central QLD Coastline Regions

Sue, a qualified Rehab Engineer has over 12 years of experience within the Assistive Technology Industry.

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Nicole Robertson
Nicole Robertson Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Seating Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Caloundra

I am excited and passionate about my new role in the CASE community and providing the best Trial experience for our clients. We aren't just selling equipment we are a pivotal step in mobilising our client's lives and that is pretty special.

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John Prescott
John Prescott Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Seating SE QLD, Sunshine Coast and Nth NSW

John has worked in a variety of roles in the disability sector over a 25 year period, the last 15 years has been focused on complex rehab manual and power wheelchairs.

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Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Seating Sydney, NSW

Daniel is one of our most recent Complex Rehab Team members, working as an Equipment Specialist is a natural extension of his Occupational Therapist training. Daniel provides advice on complex and often bespoke equipment that allows end users to live more meaningful, independent and engaged lives.

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Astrid Van Den Berg
Astrid Van Den Berg Equipment Specialist Geelong - Western Regional Victoria

Occupational Therapist with 6 years of dedicated wheelchair and seating with hands on experience. Looking forward to assist your complex clients requirements.

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Hayden Hawkins
Hayden Hawkins Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Seating Albury-Wodonga, North East Victoria and Southern NSW

Hayden is a newer team member to the complex rehab sector in Aidacare, coming from a medical science background Hayden has a wealth of knowledge to assist in scripting Power and Manual Wheelchairs.

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Christian Maglalang
Christian Maglalang Complex Power and Manual wheelchair Melbourne Metro - 50-60 km radius

Christian has been in the industry 19 years, previous roles working as Showroom Co-ordinator with light rehab products has given Christian the experience he needs to excel at Aidacare as a Complex Rehab Product specialist.

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