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Aidacare is excited to announce we are an approved supply partner for Indigo’s geat2GO program supplying goods, equipment, and assistive technology (GEAT) across Australia. 

Australian geat2GO is a national program in place to assist eligible consumers in maintaining their independence, and social connectedness and reducing reliance on services. 

This is done through prescribed, clinically approved products provided at the best value for money and with cost-effective delivery and assembly across Australia.

Australian geat2GO is the National program supplying Equipment and Technology across all areas of Australia with the aim of maintaining or increasing independence for Commonwealth Home Support Program consumers. The service aims not only to supply helpful devices and equipment but also to offer support and advice to meet the individual’s independence goals.

Australian geat2GO will be available in all Aged Care Planning Regions.

To access the geat2GO program, Occupational Therapists and assessors can request equipment for eligible consumers by registering at

As a first step, we would encourage relevant health professionals to visit the website and request a login at your earliest convenience. You will then be validated either with AHPRA (for Occupational Therapists) or through the assessing agency where you work.