Empower Golf - Come and Try Golf Day at Noosa Springs

25 Feb 2015

Empower Golf travelled to Noosa Springs Golf Course to run a Come and Try Golf clinic as part of the Queensland Amputee Golf Championships weekend recently.

Empower Golf - Come and Try Golf Day at Noosa Springs

Numerous individuals, including ex and current Paralympians, were lucky enough to try golf and the revolutionary Paragolfer -  an all-terrain specialised mobility device which manoeuvres an individual into a standing position to replicate the full golfing experience.

For Darron Shields, currently in training for Paratriathlon, it was the first time being upright following his accident. "What an unbelievable feeling to be standing up again and hitting a golf ball again after all these years"

Empower Golf is working with golf clubs, not just in Queensland but around the country, to support and provide access to disabled golfers.  They purchase equipment, such as the Paragolfer, for less able golfers and organise development clinics for individuals to try and then improve their golf.

Finally, Empower works with national and international bodies to build the profile and infrastructure of the game including organising tournaments.

Find out more about Empower Golf's programmes or support their initiatives visit empowergolf.com.au
Check out Empower Golf's new video here: https://vimeo.com/128748220