Procurement Portals

17 Mar 2020

Procurement Portal Covid-19 Update


We have invested in developing a comprehensive Covid-19 policy to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff.

During this difficult time we encourage the use of our ordering portals, for customers experiencing lockdown or isolation periods to fulfil equipment needs, whilst observing lock-down protocol.

Our bespoke Procurement Systems allow streamlined ordering, whilst providing insight and budget-control for business operators.
We work closely with procurement or property services managers to help to define an equipment range that achieves clinical functionality, whilst creating an aesthetically pleasing environment that is cost effective from a purchasing and maintenance perspective across the life of the asset. We bring expert equipment advice, along with sourcing and product development capabilities to deliver best-in-class value to our partners.

Benefits Include:

  • Accessing individual pricing
  • Viewing purchase history and quick re-order functionality
  • Bespoke ordering rules with integrated user hierarchy
  • Electronic invoicing to reducing administrative burden

Aidacare can work with you to develop a low-cost procurement control system and provide a pre-set authorisation gateway that fits within your existing business processes and controls.


Example screenshots of our procurement portals

Portal Dashboard Example
Screenshot portal checkout.png