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Luxurious adjustable bed collection for an enhanced sleeping experience.

We believe that creating a supportive and luxurious sleep environment can significantly improve health and wellbeing. 

Our ComfiMotion Collection is designed to blend seamlessly into the home environment, whilst improving comfort and independence.




Luxe   Adjustable Bed



Assists with bed entry and exit by raising the mattress surface to the ideal height.

Head Tilt: Relaxes neck muscles, providing optimal support whilst reading or watching TV.

Back Raise: Improves postural support and can ease symptoms of reflux, respiratory conditions, snoring and sleep apnoea.

Leg Raise: Promotes circulation, relieving tired, swollen and/or painful limbs.


Zero Gravity:Helps to relax the circulatory system and muscles of the lower back.

Memory Function:Allows the user to set and return to their preferred positions at any time with one click of a button.





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Care   Adjustable Bed


Hi-Lo functionality:
Assists with manual handling and helps to mitigate fall risks.

Back Raise: Improves postural support and can ease symptoms of reflux, respiratory conditions, snoring and sleep apnoea.

Clinical Positioning: One touch raises back and legs to alleviate cardiac exertion, improving resting comfort.

Leg Raise: Promotes circulation, relieving tired, swollen or painful limbs.

Zero Gravity: Helps to relax the circulatory system and muscles of the lower back.


Seated Position: Assists with bed entry and exit and upright dining.

Trendelenburg (and Reverse): Can assist care givers when repositioning a user*.

*Carers should seek advice from a trained Allied Health professional for correct manual handling techniques.





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 Mattresses   Engineered for Motion

Our ComfiMotion Pocket Spring and Memory Foam mattresses are designed with the flexibility to follow the contouring profile of an adjustable bed.


The ComfiMotion Pocket Spring mattress offers zoned support springs that respond and contour to the individual body shape to improve comfort, maximising support and sleep quality.

Transitional layered pocket springs arranged in weight activated support zones.
Integrated side-walls create roll resistance at the bed edge and provide extra rigidity to ease bed entry and exit.
Luxuriously soft pillowtop layer provides a plush immersive feeling complimented by the responsive pocket springs.

The ComfiMotion Memory Foam mattress contours to the users body, providing personalised comfort and transitional pressure relief. Integrated side-walls increase roll resistance at the bed edge and assist users, partners or carers with extra rigidity to ease bed entry and exit.

Contoured Immersion: Specially layered memory foam provides contoured immersion for support and pressure relief.

Superior breathability: Up to 8x more breathable than conventional memory foams.
Anti-microbial: Environmentally safe treatment is added to the foam which reduces odours and kills 99.9% of bacteria.
Eco-friendly GECA Foam is produced using cleaner chemicals and production technology.

Configurations   For Companions

Whichever ComfiMotion package you select rest assured there is a companion solution available to suit couples, partners and caregivers wishing to sleep alongside any ComfiMotion Adjustable bed.

Dual Adjustable Beds

Designed to sit flush when positioned together to enable close monitoring and enhanced care. This configuration offers the flexibility of independent adjustability, without compromising on the sense of inclusivity and intimacy between partners.

Fixed Companion Bed

Matching single bed without any adjustability designed to sit flush when positioned together. It facilitates a side-by-side sleeping arrangement at a fixed height of 370mm, without compromising on the users care and assistance requirements.

Headboards, Pillows & Accessories   Style your ComfiMotion

A range of headboards, pillows and accessories to suit the individual user. The two headboard styles will sit well with various exisiting bedroom styles and furniture. The accessories are additional products that meet personal needs and requirements.



The ComfiMotion Breeze Pillow is a Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow, with Soothing gel layer provides balanced sleeping comfort and immersive support. 

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The ComfiMotion Plush Pillow is Plush Fibrefill sleep surface and Memory Foam core provides ergonomic support and comfort. 



Clinical Considerations   Meeting Diverse User Needs

Accessibility and Inclusivity: Unexposed bed surround with padded upholstery removes gaps between beds in co-sleeping arrangements as well as promotes safe entry and exit.

User Independence: Height adjustability improves user mobility and assists carers with manual handling.

Flexible Positioning: Caters to various user requirements such as respiratory conditions, snoring, sleep apnoea, pressure redistribution, joint or muscle pain, lymph oedema and swelling.

Vision and Hand Function: Handset with a clear and intuitive button display, assists users with reduced vision or hand function.

Fall Prevention: Integrated lighting and a minimum bed height of 280mm helps to reduce the likelihood and severity of falls in the home.

User Safety: Battery backup (optionally available) provides peace of mind in the event of a power outage.

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