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Aspire Shell Chair
  • The Aspire Shell Chair is a comfortable mobile seating solution designed to maximise user access and social interaction within an Aged Care Facility or Healthcare environment
  • The compact design allows access under tables for sharing meals, games and other activities. The lightweight frame with anterior tilt function for sit to stand transfers reduces the manual handling burden for caregivers
  • Forward tilt functionality assists with chair egress and standing transfers
  • Backwards tilt functionality assists in pressure redistribution and patient stability during transfers
  • Comfort & Support - Ergonomic wing headrest and lumbar cushioning for improved seating posture
  • Storage Pocket - Conveniently carries everyday items such as clip boards, magazines or diaries
  • Lightweight and Manoeuvrable - 12.5” rear wheels with attendant foot brake, 5” front swivel castors together with a lightweight design, makes for easy and safe handling for caregivers and a smooth and comfortable ride for users
  • Removable Seat Cushion - Facilitates acute pressure care options such as utilising a ROHO cushions
  • Safety Lap Belt - Supportive lap belt designed with a single pull strap for convenient adjustment. Can also be tucked out of the way when not in use
  • Attendant Carer Push Handle - Ergonomically designed, tilt trigger lever makes postural adjustment a simple task
  • Adjustable Seat Height - Seat height can be adjusted by up to 80mm allowing the chair to be used at a desk or dining table
  • GenuineDartex PU Fabric - An anti-bacterial, fire retardant fabric that is high stretch to help manage pressure injury risk
  • Ergonomic Leg Rest - The supportive leg rest automatically raises or lowers as the chair is tilted

Warranty Information

  • 2 Years Frame
  • 1 Year Fabric

Item Code: 05_180921181_0103_1_2
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ISO13934-1 / ISO13937-1 / BS6807 / BS7175

Aspire Shell Chair - 450mm Wide CHP198910 EACH
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Aspire Shell Chair - 510mm Wide CHP198915 EACH
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Pillow Headrest CHP198930 EACH
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Footplate CHP198925 EACH
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Retractable Lap Tray CHP198920 EACH
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