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DVA – Rehabilitation Appliance Program (RAP)

Offline processing

System synchronises once a connection is re-established

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eRAP is a Fully Synchronised System – Where will you work today?

Spend more time on consulting rather than paperwork

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Dashboard Management

Quickly Identify order status & Communicate

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Order Status Confirmation

  • Automatic email confirmations
  • Order statuses are updated as the order is processed.
Order Comments & Communication:
  • Receive notifications from our DVA team relating to order status and requirements.

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Attribute Selection for Complex Products

  • Identify the clinical attributes & size
  • The system automatically identifies the exact product.
  • Significant improvement in efficiency and accuracy.

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In-built Home Modification Draw Function

  • In-built picture & drawing function
  • Take a photograph and draw and write on the picture
  • Collaborate using actual pictures of the relevant room
  • Choose from a range of pre-drawn templates.

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Aidacare is proud to be an official DVA contracted service provider on the Rehabilitation Appliance Program (RAP) for the supply of Mobility and Functional Supports to Veterans nationally.

The Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) assists entitled veterans, war widows & widowers and dependents through the provision of aids and appliances under the DVA Mobility & Functional Support program (MFS) to minimise the impact of disabilities, enhance their life and maximise independence when undertaking daily living activities.

The program provides safe and appropriate equipment:

  • according to assessed clinical need,
  • in an effective and timely manner; and,
  • as part of the overall management of an individual’s health care.

Our Commitment to all DVA stakeholders including prescribing health care professionals and most importantly, the DVA Veteran beneficiary, is to provide the very best service and product quality available.


eRAP is Aidacare's mobile platform for Health Providers to submit RAP direct order forms. Prescribers can access our eRAP via the web portal or via our iPad app

DVA related FAQ's

  • What is RAP?

    A. The Rehabilitation Appliance Program (RAP) helps eligible members of the veteran community to be independent and self-reliant in their own homes. Health care assessments and the provision of aids and appliances help to minimise the impact of disabilities, enhance quality of life and maximise independence. RAP provides equipment according to each persons assessed clinical need as part of the overall management of their health care.

  • Am I eligible?

    A. You are eligible if you have an assessed clinical need for an aid or appliance and are
       • Gold Card holder
       • White Card holder (only for conditions accepted by DVA as related to service); or
       • Veteran from an allied country (only for conditions accepted by DVA as related to service)

  • How do I access RAP?

    A. Your needs will be assessed by your doctor or a health professional, such as an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist. Their referral and prescription will be sent Aidacare or DVA to arrange issue of the item to you.

  • Can I receive aids and appliances if I live in a Residential Aged Care Facility?

    A. This depends on the existing level of care you receive.
    DVA can provide RAP aids and appliances that the Australian Government funded aged care facility is not legally required to supply if you are receiving a lower level of care.
    DVA cannot supply RAP aids and appliances if you are receiving a greater level of care in an Australian Government funded aged care facility.

    The threshold for a person requiring a greater level of care within a residential aged care facility can generally be described as that being for:
       • a person who is identified as having a 'high domain category' in any one Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) domain; or
       • a 'medium domain' category in at least two ACFI domains.

    Please consult your Aged Care Provider.

    RAP items can be taken with you if you move from a lower level of care to a greater level of care, with the approval of your Aged Care Provider. DVA will still be responsible for the repair, maintenance and replacement of these items.

  • What Home Modifications are available under RAP?

    A. DVA will pay for home modifications and household appliances if you have an assessed clinical need. By providing this service, DVA seek to assist you to continue living in your own home with:
       • improved independence and safety
       • reduced need for a carer
       • lower likelihood of moving away from your family, friends and community; and
       • reduced risk of falls.

  • What else do I need to know about home modifications and household adaptive appliances?

    A. Home modifications will only be provided for one residence.
       • You do not need to own your home, but the owner must confirm you have been, or will be, a long-term resident.
       • The owner must approve all modifications in writing and agree that DVA will not restore the property to its former state when the modifications are no longer required.
       • DVA will only pay for home modifications completed by licensed builders.
       • DVA will not pay for repairs or maintenance to your home

  • Can I get my aid or appliance delivered?

    A. Yes, aids and appliances will be delivered to your home and the freight charges will be covered by DVA.

  • What if my equipment is broken?

    A. Contact Aidacare if your equipment needs to be repaired.

  • What if I no longer need my equipment?

    A. If you do not need the equipment anymore, contact Aidacare to arrange its collection.

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