Aidacare Supporting Occupational Therapist's

Aidacare is dedicated to supporting Allied Health professionals by providing a service second to none in supporting their everyday needs.

Training and education are at the heart of what we do, we transpire this information through PDF resources, training videos and the APT (Aidacare Professional Training) program.

Our Complex Rehab philosophy is to assess and recommend the clinically appropriate product solution based on the individual client's needs, we facilitate OT / client meetings to prescribe the best possible solution.

This page is our resource centre supporting and empowering the everyday needs of a busy allied health professional.

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Education - Aidacare Professional Training

The Aidacare Professional Training (APT) program is a rolling series of educational workshops conducted nationwide.

We aim to provide all healthcare providers with the most up-to-date, and relevant professional training allowing them to obtain CPD certificates for their continued professional development.

Click the link below to find an event near you.


Manual Handling Training Videos

  • Using Slide Sheets

  • Choosing & Fitting the Right Sling

    Choosing & Fitting the Right Sling

  • Aidacare Back Safety Video

    In this video, we will consider day-to-day activities in the aged and health care setting and look at how we can carry them out, while protecting our back

  • Safe Resident Handling - The 3Cā€™s

    The 3C's should be done before moving and handling a person, to ensure safety for all involved in the task ā€“ communicate with the resident and fellow caregivers; check the equipment and environment; commence the task.

  • Aidacare Training Video - Manual Handling - Lie To Sit

  • Aidacare Training Video - Manual Handling - Floor Lift

  • Aidacare Training Video - Manual Handling - Sit To Sit

  • Aidacare Training Video - Manual Handling - Sit To Stand