Beau's Story

15 Feb 2021

In 2017, following an extremely complicated delivery, the loving mother and father of beautiful Beau welcomed him into the world.

He then went on to spend his first week of life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Due to lack of oxygen at birth, Beau has been diagnosed with dystonia and global developmental delay. Beau turns four years old this April and according to his mum, Tara, “He has come leaps and bounds since starting physio”. As if the road wasn’t rocky enough for this young family, they found the NDIS process tedious and complicated and as a result of not understanding the system Tara reports they received ”lousy funding and weren’t told how they could use the minimal funding that we had been provided”. They now have enlisted an NDIA support worker to help navigate the process and feel better equipped to access the system.

The primary challenges for Beau stem from communication and mobility which in combination compounds his frustration when it isn’t possible for his body to obey.

Tara explains, “He (Beau) gets really frustrated. He wants to walk with his brother and he has this way of talking through his eyes.”

With the help of Aidacare’s Complex Rehab team, Beau and his family along with their supportive team of physios and occupational therapists at Optimum Movement, they are trialling equipment from Leckey like the myGo and the Squiggles seating system.

Beau attends day care three days a week and finds great enjoyment through social interaction. He desperately loves monster trucks and anything to do with race cars and has an unflappable bond with his older brother. And just like most kids his age thoroughly enjoys bubbles. We had the opportunity to witness the pure joy that was his response when the OT and our Complex Rehab Specialist were trailing equipment and blowing bubbles with him.

Beau and his family are awaiting their approval from NDIS for their next funding cycle. We look forward to sharing with you Beau’s progress and continued positive journey.