Mobility Aids Store Turramurra - NSW

We would like to share some great news about a recent acquisition that we have completed with a long-term Network Partner of ours, Nth Degree.

They are a trusted source of mobility aids near the Upper North Shore of Sydney, and we will continue to deliver the same exceptional service they have provided for many years.

1323 Pacific Hwy
NSW, 2074
02 9983 9100

Business Hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Service Area Includes:
  • Sydney North
  • Hornsby
  • Pennant Hills
  • Pymble
  • Macquarie Park
  • Lindfield
  • St Ives
  • Thornleigh


The Turramurra Aidacare showroom provides a fantastic location near Sydney for Clients and Therapists to view our extensive range of mobility scooters, lightweight wheelchairs, lift chairs, walking sticks and other disability equipment.

  • Our field staff work with Therapists to identify and trial mobility equipment for their clients.
  • Our administration team confirm your order at receipt and completion.
  • Our friendly and professional drivers and installers ensure that our clients receive the best support when disability equipment or services are delivered.
  • We coordinate home modification work using reputable sub-contractors to ensure a high quality of workmanship and peace-of-mind for you.
  • We are one of Sydney's largest disability equipment suppliers offering shower chairs, wheelchairs, lift chairs and much more to those in need.
  • We work hard at a local level to support your needs. Please let us know where we can help further.

Bathroom & Toilet

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The shower commode chair is an open seat on wheels that can be used in the shower and positioned over a toilet. At Aidacare we offer a wide range of shower commodes and accessories to meet the needs of the user. 

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For the elderly and disabled, safety in wet areas is essential. Bathroom chairs and stools help to support people with experiencing a loss of balance, decreased strength or an inability to stand for long periods of time.

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Bathing can be present difficulties for seniors and people with mobility issues, while the bathroom can offer an increased risk of slips and falls. Bath aids are designed to make bathing and showering simple and safer, while supporting independence.

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When going to the bathroom becomes difficult, toileting aids can help make the process simple. Ideal for enhancing safety and encouraging independence, toileting aids are useful tools that can assist with a range of mobility or strength issues.

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Suction grab bars are a style of safety rail that attaches to the wall with the use of powerful suction cups. As such, these sturdy yet portable bars can easily be attached and removed from different locations without damaging the wall or requiring placement along a stud.


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Aidacare home care beds combine function, style and affordability for use at home. Designed with comfort in mind, the home care beds are fully adjustable and feature an electronic control offering up to five different positioning functions.

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Mattresses have a big impact on how we sleep and our ability to recover from illness or injury. A supportive, comfortable mattress is essential, no matter your age. However, for people with special needs, choosing the right mattress is essential.

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Bedside commodes offer convenience for people who are unable to travel to the regular toilet due to mobility issues. When placed in a bedroom they allow for discreet toileting, with or without assistance.

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We offer a range of bedroom furniture suitable for use in all care settings. Our most popular item is the over the bed table, they can make eating, drinking and carrying out activities in bed easier and more enjoyable.

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These devices enable your loved ones to live more safely at home, they can be easily integrated into any environment including, emergency call systems, alerting devices and fall safety mats which reduce the likelihood of injury and falls.

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Aidacare's range of pillows and supports are suited to medical conditions that require an angled sleeping position like gastric reflux, breathing difficulty, hiatus hernia, heart conditions and other specific conditions and comfort.

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Bed sticks, bed poles, bed cradles, self-help poles all assist people to get in and out of bed or to move in bed safely.


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Make sitting comfortable with the Aidacare range of adjustable height chairs for elderly and other patients. Easy to use and offering a range of benefits, our chairs are supportive and ideal for people with mobility issues.

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A decline in mobility and strength is natural with aging, here at Aidacare we have a wide range of lift recline chairs with motors and simple controls, an electric lift chair allows users to easily transition from a standing to seated position and back again.

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Patients who spend extended periods of time sitting or lying require specific mobility aids to ensure they remain comfortable and to prevent the development of pressure sores.

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We have a range of specialised chairs to suit very specific needs creating solutions for areas where people normally struggle such as the revolution chair aiding in dining chair to table assistance.

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If you're looking to add comfort and functionality to your Medical Therapeutic Chair, we have a range of chair accessories to meet your needs.


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Pressure injuries are a common concern for anyone with limited mobility. Sitting in one position for too long can cause discomfort, soreness and even injury. Pressure care cushions help to mitigate the effects of prolonged sitting.

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Standard seats and beds often don’t provide adequate support, particularly for people who spend significant periods of time sitting or reclining. And while regular pillows can help provide some positioning help, they are not designed for this purpose.

Daily Living Aids

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The act of dressing can be challenging and uncomfortable for people experiencing reduced mobility. Dressing aids can help seniors and those who are disabled to maintain their independence and safety by making the task of dressing simpler.

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Many daily kitchen tasks and processes can be quite difficult for people with limited mobility. To make these activities simpler and less stressful, Aidacare offers a range of high-quality and useful kitchen aids.

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Many seniors, arthritis sufferers and disabled people have poor grip, which can make countless daily tasks difficult and even painful. In order to help maintain the independence of these people, our selection can cater to a variety of activities around the home.

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Using cutlery can be challenging for people experiencing reduced mobility and limited strength. Adapted cutlery helps individuals with poor grip, decreased muscle control, tremors, arm and hand weakness, hand pain, and reduced dexterity feed themselves independently.

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At Aidacare, we offer a wide range of special crockery and feeding aids for the elderly and disabled.
Designed to make independent eating easier, our range contains a variety of products to cater to different needs and disabilities. 

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Reaching aids and grabbers are a simple yet effective tool for helping people with mobility issues achieve more independence. An extended reach grabber can help mitigate the risk of falls by removing the need to bend down or stretch to reach small items.

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Everyday daily living tasks, such as telling the time or washing hair, can be challenging for people with a disability or limited mobility. Assisted living aids are often very simple products that can enhance independence, confidence and safety.


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For those dealing with issues of incontinence, accidents in bed can be a common occurrence. To ensure mattress hygiene is maintained, a protective bed pad should be used.

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Discreet and easy management of adult incontinence is essential for maintaining dignity and comfort. Designed to sit inside the wearer’s underwear, an incontinence pad features highly absorbent material.

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Incontinence pants and underwear can provide sufferers with the protection and peace of mind they need during daily life. Specially designed to prevent leaks, these absorbent pants allow wearers to feel confident and avoid difficult situations.

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Spills and accidents can be a common occurrence for seniors and the elderly. To keep their clothes clean and dry when such incidents occur, a clothing protector should be used.

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For people with incontinence issues, accidents can occur anytime, including when sitting. Chair protectors are designed to create a barrier between the seat and the user. 

Manual Handling

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Aspire Manual Handling

At Aidacare, we provide aged care manual handling equipment from leading brands to help ensure the safety of your patients and carers. The selection includes lifters and hoists as well as slings and transfer aids.

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Aspire Slings

We offer an extensive range of Aspire slings created to the highest quality, with a variety of options available you can find an Aspire sling to ensure comfort, dignity and safety for your requirements.

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Transfer Aid

Transfer aids minimise the risks involved in moving individuals by providing support and assistance when moving them from one location to another, be it from bed to wheelchair or to another room.

Mobility Scooters

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Senior Mobility Scooter

As we age, our strength can deteriorate, physical issues can arise and our mobility can decline. 
Tasks such as walking to the shops, visiting friends and moving around the house can become difficult. A senior mobility scooter can help an elderly person to complete a variety of tasks that require travel or movement. 

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Folding Scooter

A mobility scooter offers convenience and increased independence for individuals who find it difficult to walk for extended periods of time. Folding scooters are ideal for use indoors and travel purposes, a collapsible or fold-up mobility scooter is also handy for storage purposes or when space is an issue.

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At Aidacare, we offer a selection of heavy duty and deluxe mobility scooters. Our range includes a variety of designs that are created for high-performance and longevity. Thanks to their robust designs, a heavy duty mobility scooter provides excellent stability on a range of terrains.

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Our range of mobility scooter accessories can help extend the versatility and convenience of a motorised scooter. The accessories are designed to attach easily for convenience and improve benefits of using a scooter. From baskets, to lights and protective gear there is an accessory to suit most needs.

Therapy & Exercise

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At Aidacare we offer a wide range of everyday items that offer pressure protection and assist with support and comfort to reduce the risk of pressure area breakouts. We have pressure protective items for your feet, elbows, hips, arms and various other areas of concern.

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Therapy and exercise products assist with strength and conditioning to reduce the loss of overall mobility. There is a wide selection from balance boards, dumbbells in different weights, therapy wear to aid you and protect your trouble area.

Walking Aids

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Increased independence and confidence for disabled, elderly, injured and sick people who face difficulties walking. Forearm supports, enhance stability and safety assisting them to move safely on their own. Ideal for people who have weak wrists and need extra support. 

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For disabled and elderly individuals who have issues with stability, a seat walker / rollator / wheelie walker can be highly beneficial. Designed to provide balance to users when walking, these items of equipment can improve independence while also increasing safety.

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Disabled, elderly, sick and injured individuals often face mobility challenges. In fact, many have difficulty simply walking from one side of the room to the other. A walking frame can benefit these individuals by assisting them to move safely on their own.

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The subtle support that canes and walking sticks provide can significantly benefit those who are semi-confident about their walking abilities. Ideal for seniors and disabled individuals, a walking stick can aid balance and help users redistribute their weight.

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Crutches can assist those who are unable to walk due to an injury or illness affecting their leg or foot. Our range features both forearm and underarm crutches in sizes and strengths suitable for children through to bariatric adults.

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Walking Aid Accessories

At Aidacare, we offer an extensive range of walking aid accessories for our selection of walking frames, rollators, crutches and walking sticks. Our selection features replacement parts along with items to customise our walking aids to improve the user experience.


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Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs help those who are unable to walk or have mobility difficulties. At Aidacare, we offer a diverse range of manual lightweight wheelchairs for use in all environments, including aged care facilities, hospitals and in daily life. For those in need of a manual wheelchair, options include both self-propelled and attendant-propelled choices. We have a variety of lightweight wheelchairs 

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Custom Manual Wheelchairs

At Aidacare we offer an expansive selection of custom manual wheelchairs designed to maximise the comfort and performance of the wheelchair for the user through tailored design and function. Custom manual wheelchairs are designed in consultation with the user and their treating therapist.

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Power Wheelchairs

A power wheelchair offers the benefits of a traditional wheelchair combined with the ease of a motorised mobility aid. Mobility power chairs are ideal not only for anyone who has difficulty walking, but also for those who may have limited arm, hand or upper body strength/movement. 


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Custom Power Wheelchairs

At Aidacare, we offer an extensive selection of custom power wheelchairs to meet a diverse range of needs. Our selection of high-quality options includes models from leading industry brands, such as Quantum, Quickie, Permobil, Ottobock, and Invacare. 

Hire Equipment

At Aidacare we understand that equipment hire is a great option for many of our customers. Customers of Aidacare enjoy access to the largest, modern fleet of rental Home Care, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy equipment in Australia. 

The Aidacare rental equipment pool is maintained through our ISO 9001 quality standard processes, with all equipment undertaking rigorous detail cleaning and maintenance prior to being delivered.